The Red Shoes: Next Step


When Sam’s world begins to spiral following an unexpected life-changing event, she must
confront her emotions and fear to reignite her deep love for dance.

Sam Cavanaugh has been in rehearsals to dance the lead role in the Red Shoes when a sudden twist of fate changes her life forever. Emotionally overwhelmed, Sam quits dancing and her life starts to spiral out of control thanks to an act of rebellion.

Surrounded by old friends and rivals, Sam pushes through the work, avoiding reminders
of her past. But when Gracie, the Red Shoes lead, is injured, Sam is pressed by her old coach to take over the role.

Sam accepts but at the last minute, Gracie returns from her injury to retake the role. Who will dance to their destiny?

‘Well-paced, strongly performed and highly entertaining. Skilfully balances its beautifully choreographed dance sequences and its character driven drama.’ – Film Ink


Drama / Entertainment / Family / Romance / Special Interest / Sport

Release Date

November 7, 2023




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