The Heiress

DVD & Blu-ray


Claire and Anna are devoted sisters who live together in Anna’s house. Claire suffers from epileptic fits and Anna acts as her carer, when she’s not at work or at her boyfriends. When their Grandmother dies, Claire begins to see ghostly visions of an old woman and a young child within the house. Anna has difficulty believing her and thinking it to be caused by her epilepsy. But Claire’s visions worsen and steadily begin to test her sanity until one night she mistakenly attacks Anna – believing her to be one of the ghosts. Claire is hospitalised but the visions continue to haunt her. Too late we learn that the ghost of the old woman has manipulated Claire out of the way so she could pursue her true target – Anna and her unborn baby. Now Claire must find a way to protect her sister, despite being locked up in a secure psychiatric facility. Through her dreams, her family’s past begins to unfold in front of her as she learns the true nature of the specter of the old woman and just how long she’s haunted the female generations of her family.



Release Date

March 16, 2021


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