The Family


On an isolated farm in the 1800’s, a family is led by their tyrannical father who preaches fire and brimstone, and devout mother who preaches obedience. They live in fear of a higher power and an existential threat living beyond their farm. Promising eternal salvation and protection against these outside forces, the father demands blind faith and back-breaking labor.

One day in the field, Elijah, the youngest, collapses out of exhaustion. The father decides to make an example of him, punishing him for his petulance, banishing him to the outskirts to face certain death. Caleb tries to defend him but cannot bring himself to defy Father. When Father brings in a new person into the family to replace Elijah, Caleb begins to questions his upbringing, seeing through the cracks of his father’s words. As he plots an uprising, pitting himself against his hell-bent father, he soon discovers that everything that has been told to him is a lie.


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Release Date

November 8, 2022




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