Night of the Killer Bears

After not seeing each other for a long time, 5 teenage friends living in the city of Bangkok go on a vacation together, staying at a quiet resort isolated from the city. Things take a dark turn, when it’s revealed each of them have hidden secrets and unbeknownst to the group, there is someone observing […]

The Beast Below

‘Feels like Tremors with a giant lizard’ – Bloody Disgusting An adventure comedy that follows a once-famous singer who returns to his hometown and takes part in a water field drilling contest, hoping to win a large cash prize. But what they do not realize is that a mysterious beast lurks underground.  


On a rescue mission to the North Pole to retrieve an old friend and his lost expedition crew, Captain Mortimer gets more than he bargained for when his ship is frozen into the ice sheet and set upon by bloodthirsty fish-creatures. Mortimer and his surviving crew flee the ship, beginning a treacherous journey in a […]

The Family

On an isolated farm in the 1800’s, a family is led by their tyrannical father who preaches fire and brimstone, and devout mother who preaches obedience. They live in fear of a higher power and an existential threat living beyond their farm. Promising eternal salvation and protection against these outside forces, the father demands blind […]

The Devil Within

When troubled teenager Jeanne awakens in a pool of her own blood, her hands and feet marked with stigmata and her forehead bleeding as if from the weight of a thorny crown, the community becomes enthralled, and some seek to profit from her newfound spiritual wisdom, while others seek financial gain or fame. There are […]

Blood in the Water

Zara is a young woman with a dark secret. Her life is abruptly interrupted when a masked sociopath, breaks into her flat, knocks her out and chains her up to a swimming pool along with five strangers. Soon, they realise they are not alone as the final member of the congregation is revealed: a terrifying […]


A disoriented and frightened man awakens in a hospital room to discover he’s the recipient of a full face transplant. Plagued by weird flashbacks, no memory and no visitors, he is unprepared when they release him from the hospital. When a mysterious red- haired woman, Sophie, befriends him, life gets even weirder. Suddenly a faceless […]

The Devil’s Tail

A young nurse begins her shift at an old city hospital. After a strange apparition one of the oldest nurses tells her that a patient, Mr. Moore, entered the hospital a few years ago. His body was completely burned after a fire. He was treated by the doctors, but the pain and drugs drove him mad […]

Crow Valley

Mountain biker Benny Jones sets off on a weekend ride to remote Crow Valley but is knocked off his bike in a brutal hit and run. He wakes badly injured in an abandoned cabin where he meets young hiker Greta. When her lies and sanity start to unravel, he finds himself in a desperate fight […]


With only nightmares for childhood memories, Lily returns to her family home and discovers not all the ghosts that haunt us are dead.

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