The Red Shoes: Next Step

When Sam’s world begins to spiral following an unexpected life-changing event, she must confront her emotions and fear to reignite her deep love for dance. Sam Cavanaugh has been in rehearsals to dance the lead role in the Red Shoes when a sudden twist of fate changes her life forever. Emotionally overwhelmed, Sam quits dancing […]

A Sunday Horse

Inspired by the true story of the talented, driven horse rider Debi Walden. Debi defies the odds against her -– first, by becoming a top competitor in a field reserved for the wealthy, and then by surviving a near-fatal riding accident. In virtual isolation, supported only by the loyalty of her sponsor, she forces herself […]


A feel-good story that highlights the need for friendship, family, and – for many – dogs in our lives. A story told through the eyes of a stray dog called Gump . On a journey to find his way home to his owner, Gump encounters many challenges, meets new people, and makes a few canine […]

Lassie Come Home

Twelve-year-old Florian and his beloved Collie Lassie are inseparable and best friends. They live happily in an idyllic village in southern Germany. When Florian’s father loses his job, the family has to move into a smaller flat – no dogs allowed. Florian is devastated and has to give Lassie away. Lassie is placed in the […]

Magical Adventures in the Forbidden City

In another world, not unlike our own, a young woman named Abigail lives in a city whose borders were closed many years ago because of a mysterious disease. Her beloved academic father was one of the sick and, like many, mysteriously taken away when she was six years old.Now grown, Abigail is determined to find […]

A.R.C.H.I.E 2: Mission Impawsible

Featuring the voice of Michael J. Fox as ARCHIE! In this sequel, the super intelligent artificial robotronic dog, Archie, befriends Gregory, a young boy who is the son of a carnival owner. Gregory is concerned that someone has been stealing from the carnival and enlists his new friend to help find the culprit.


Featuring Michael J. Fox as the voice of ARCHIE! Isabel Sullivan, who’s fifteen, has just moved to a small town to live with her Uncle Paul, who is the town’s Mayor. Isabel has recently lost her parents in a car accident. Feeling very alone and friendless, Isabel befriends a stray robot dog named A.R.C.H.I.E. Though […]


Relive the magic and adventure with Charlie, Annie-Marie, Itchy and Carface in All Dogs Go To Heaven, re-releasing on special edition DVD April 6! Children’s animated feature from directors of Anastasia and An American Tail. When German Shepherd Charlie B. Barkin (voice of Burt Reynolds) ends up in heaven without any good deeds to his […]


Season 12 of HEARTLAND sees the Bartlett-Fleming clan dealing with day-to-day challenges and pursuing forgotten dreams. Their strength will be tested as they face personal struggles and must look to one another for guidance and support. Amy and Ty are trying to balance life with a toddler and their perpetually busy schedules. Realising their long-time […]

All Good Things

Two big city teenage sisters find their world has come crashing down when their mother sends them to a rural horse farm to visit with their grandparents for the Christmas break. Their plans to travel to Hawaii during the vacation are ruined and instead they are expected to be ranch hands, to be away from […]

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