A Sunday Horse

Inspired by the true story of the talented, driven horse rider Debi Walden. Debi defies the odds against her -– first, by becoming a top competitor in a field reserved for the wealthy, and then by surviving a near-fatal riding accident. In virtual isolation, supported only by the loyalty of her sponsor, she forces herself […]


A feel-good story that highlights the need for friendship, family, and – for many – dogs in our lives. A story told through the eyes of a stray dog called Gump . On a journey to find his way home to his owner, Gump encounters many challenges, meets new people, and makes a few canine […]

Bite the Dust

Two famed bounty hunters and an adventurer searching for missing orphan children, find themselves facing off against a cruel mining baron and the small army he uses to control his crooked town. Armed with their fists, their cunning, their six guns, and a little help from the locals, our heroes are more than ready to […]

The Beast Below

‘Feels like Tremors with a giant lizard’ – Bloody Disgusting An adventure comedy that follows a once-famous singer who returns to his hometown and takes part in a water field drilling contest, hoping to win a large cash prize. But what they do not realize is that a mysterious beast lurks underground.  

Frank & Penelope

Frank is on a road to nowhere when he stumbles into a run-down strip club and sees Penelope dancing on a wobbly brass pole. This chance encounter ignites a love story that burns hotter than the West Texas blacktop. Leaving their broken lives in the rearview mirror, Frank and Penelope head West with no destination […]

Lassie Come Home

Twelve-year-old Florian and his beloved Collie Lassie are inseparable and best friends. They live happily in an idyllic village in southern Germany. When Florian’s father loses his job, the family has to move into a smaller flat – no dogs allowed. Florian is devastated and has to give Lassie away. Lassie is placed in the […]


A mysterious black sphere is discovered in the orbit of Mars. The Achilles is sent to investigate. After the bedraggled six-person crew wake from eight months hibernation, the Sphere is transmitting a single word in every Earth language ever known – Deus. Starring sci-fi legend Claudia Black (Pitch Black, Final Space, Stargate SG-1), David O’Hara […]

Magical Adventures in the Forbidden City

In another world, not unlike our own, a young woman named Abigail lives in a city whose borders were closed many years ago because of a mysterious disease. Her beloved academic father was one of the sick and, like many, mysteriously taken away when she was six years old.Now grown, Abigail is determined to find […]

The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge

John Brock is a down-on-his-luck archaeologist who returns from an expedition to the caves of rural Kentucky after unsuccessfully trying to locate a mysterious relic that his family has sought for generations. Upon his return, John starts to see dream-like visions of a ferocious bird-like creature from ancient folklore. John soon learns that the cave […]

Kingdom of Swords

Deep in the middle ages, in the time of the crusades, where heroes and villains battled for control and darkness and power seep through the land. When Prince Roman the Great is killed in an ambush, a group named The Boyars take over his kingdom. In the years which followed, the Prince’s son, Danylo, steps […]

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